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atopendoor managed by Sachin Wagh (@tiger_tigerboy). It contain list of queries that allows you to find vulnerable targets and interesting information.

As name suggest, it will help you to find the open doors of the target infrastructure.

There are some attackers who’s looking for a specific asset and tries to discover vulnerabilities. Majority of intruders start with a specific software vulnerability or with user misconfiguration that they already know how to exploit, and simply try to find or scan for those systems that have this vulnerability. And atopendoor will help you in those cases. With this information, you can discover unknown infrastructure, and find vulnerabilities so you can mitigate them.

atopendoor contains the comprehensive list of search queries that may help you to find

  • Public-facing hosts
  • Search for SCADA systems
  • Open services
  • Finding IoT devices
  • Exposed camera,
  • VNC or RDP screenshots,
  • Sensitive information
  • Vulnerable software’s
  • Leaked Password
  • Misconfigured Devices etc.